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The Power of Confidence

by Alexis Castillo, Spiritual Alignment & Abundance Coach

We all remember that feeling back in high school, when we woke up with a brand-new, bright red friend on our face. It always seemed like it was right in the middle where everyone could see it. If you were lucky, it was painful too. There was that feeling of dread towards the day of hiding and defending yourself when someone points it out. You felt like you couldn’t look anyone in the face anymore. It was a major hit to your confidence.

Now we know as adults that no one really cares about acne. It’s completely natural and has no impact on our abilities. But as teenagers, we didn’t know that. It was the end of the world for us. The difference is that as adults, we’re aware of that fact. We’re assured that we are still the bright and beautiful souls we were the day before. There’s so many situations where confidence is key, and the goal of this post is to help you become aware of how to develop it healthily.

Why does it matter, really? I’ve made it this far without “needing” it.

Confidence is more than being able to talk to strangers without fear. It’s about being assured in one’s abilities and power in a situation. Without confidence, life can seem daunting. Being able to develop this mindset is a powerful tool that will help you in more than just self-esteem. It will help you accomplish goals and improve your relationships. So how do you do it?

  • Challenge your negative thinking patterns.

  • Take people off of their pedestal.

  • Remember you have power in situations too.

  • Accept your limitations.

  • Accept the possibility of failure.

  • Be prepared for the emotional outcome of any situation.

Okay, so you read the steps and you’ve tried it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. You don’t understand how you can have power in a situation but also still be limited. Your limits are defined by what you absolutely can not do. Trying to move to a new home with a job that doesn’t pay well isn’t an example of a limit. You can save, sell homemade items, even find a better paying job. You can’t, however, over-work yourself without any rest, nor can you neglect your family responsibilities. Those are examples of actual limitations. Limits are anything that protects your safety, core values, or health. To reach your goal, it’s important to accept and work within them.

It takes a lot of strength to be confident. The beautiful thing about strength is that it comes with practice. You don’t have to perfect the art of confidence the first time you try it. You just have to be consistent. Each failure is a chance to learn and do better the next time.

The beautiful thing about strength is that it comes with practice. You don’t have to perfect the art of confidence the first time you try it.

If you feel like you struggle with staying consistent, have no emotional support, or simply would like some help with achieving your goals, our coaches are trained and certified to do just that. Simply check out the “about” tab on our website to find out why our program is meant for YOU.


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