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At Moment of Truth, we have an expert team of coaches committed to ensuring you find the best individualized concierge approach for YOU. We want all of our clients to have time and space to get to know each coach so that they can feel comfortable about their investment.


So we prepared a little light reading about our programs, backgrounds, skills, and magical powers. Feel free to message if you wanna know our favorite ice cream flavor or opinion on cursing (hey, that shit is important, we get it!)

Dani Allen professional life purpose coach

founder + certified trauma recovery coach (CTRC)

$150 per session

dani allen

coaching certifications: Trauma Recovery, Narcissistic Abuse & C-PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Marketing, Brand Success & Entrepreneurial Consulting

Dani is the founder and CEO of Moment of Truth, and received her Master's in Social Work from Hawaii Pacific University, a Bachelor's in Human Development, and a Bachelor's in Philosophy from Binghamton University in Upstate New York. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Community Care & Counseling with a specialization in Traumatology at Liberty University. She uses several techniques in her coaching including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique, and EMDR.

Dani has worked with hundreds of clients, both one on one and in groups, to assist them with growing and improving their quality of life. Dani has a vast amount of past professional experience with counseling and therapy. She combines these strategies with personal experience that she uses to relate to clients facing similar life hurdles. She uses a genuine approach, so be ready for fun and laughs when working with Dani.

While Dani works with a variety of clients in all types of situations, some of her specialties include domestic violence and narcissistic relationships, personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, social anxiety, and trauma recovery.

Dani Allen professional life purpose coach

certified cognitive behavioral coach

$150 per session

jonathan wanglund

coaching certifications: Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Substance Abuse & Recovery

Jon received his Masters Degree in Health & Human Services Administration from the University Of Oklahoma, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Services from Ashford University, and two Associate Degrees from The Community College of The Airforce. He also is a Commissioned Non-Denominational Minister, and possesses certifications as a Peer Specialist, sexual assault victim advocate, Occupational Instructor, and served in the US Air Force for 12 years.

Jon utilizes an approach that can benefit everyone because he tailors his coaching to your needs and desire to grow personally and professionally. He has a wealth of experience personally and professionally and Jon uses his passion and love for helping others to assist you in reaching your goals. In addition, he has a great deal of experience working with those who need spiritual guidance and those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction issues.

During his off time, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 children, and 5 animals. He also loves to travel and has been to nearly all the states in the USA and has visited 14 countries across the world.

Dani Allen professional life purpose coach

certified manifestation + mindset coach

$150 per session

gabi pike

coaching certifications: Trauma Informed Practice, Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, NLP, and Manifestation

Gabi is a certified Trauma Informed Manifestation Mindset Coach. Her journey to coaching began as she grew in her decade and a half educational leadership career. She found herself working with educators, parents, and others on how to step back into their own power after traumatic events. When working with Gabi, you will be challenged to change your mindset and step into your personal power to take control of your life and assign meaning that works for you so that you can shift into the life you truly desire.

Gabi has experience working with clients on topics such as: trauma, anxiety, behavioral changes, mindset shifting and mindfulness, and perspective changing. She uses tools such as affirmations, journaling, meditation, self-talk or inner conversations, self-reflection, and self-care/self-love practices. When you work with Gabi, you will have homework and be asked to be present and held accountable because Gabi knows that the shifts you are looking for don't happen unless you do the work as she guides you forward.

Gabi recognizes that once you reshape your mindset and reinterpret your experiences, you take a significant stride toward manifesting the life you genuinely desire.

When Gabi isn't coaching she is meditating, engaging in her yoga practice, hiking with her dog, painting, cooking, or in the middle of self-love practices.

You have an amazing power within you that you can harness to mold your life into the amazing piece of art that you desire. You don't have to walk the entire path, just take the first step. Gabi will be right there next to you as you dare to shift. Take the first step and get started with Gabi today.

Dani Allen professional life purpose coach

certified self discovery & empowerment coach

$150 per session

alyssa cross

coaching certifications: Trauma-Informed Practice, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Mindfulness, Life Purpose

Alyssa is a certified Self Discovery & Empowerment Coach. She found her way into coaching self discovery and empowerment shortly after she decided to step into her power and take control of her own destiny. When working with Alyssa, you'll be guided to harness the power that's already within you and use it to discover who you truly are and what you want your future to look like.

Alyssa has experience supporting herself and her peers with topics such as; confidence, body image, disordered eating, self harm, sexuality, and imposter syndrome. She's used tools such as; positive self talk, journaling, affirmations, and lots and lots of meditation and self reflection. Alyssa strongly believes that you never stop growing, and sometimes still struggles with her own self image and imposter syndrome (it even took her weeks to write this bio!), but once you have the tools, you can begin to pull yourself back up like a natural!

Aside from coaching, you can find Alyssa in her natural habitat jogging at the park, trying new recipes of her own in the kitchen, doodling, or practicing archery (if she has the time!)

Don't second guess yourself, you are a force to be reckoned with. Give yourself permission to invest in yourself and shine a little brighter. Take the leap and get started with Alyssa today!

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