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Your Sexuality is Yours.

by Alyssa Cross, Self Discovery & Empowerment Coach

Whether you realize it or not, sexuality is unique to each of us. Questioning or exploring your sexuality is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives.

The journey is ours and ours alone.


I love men romantically and sexually. I find myself 100% physically attracted to women (I can imagine myself kissing, hugging or having sex with a woman). But I cant imagine myself dating a woman or spending the rest of my life with her. Is there something wrong with me?

Answer: First off, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you! Your sexuality can be totally fluid and change throughout your life. This experience is yours alone, and it's all dependent on how YOU feel. There's no right or wrong way in the world of sexuality; there are no rules (as long as you're being respectful of your peers and the partners you engage with along the way). I recommend that you do your best to feel your feelings as they are now, and be with them for a little while. It's totally OK if you don't have an answer about your sexuality today or EVER! And if you feel more comfortable with a label, that's OK too! Just remember that this journey is yours, and you don't owe anyone else an answer about your personal sexuality and identity. Take it easy on yourself during this time, and enjoy the experience of exploring all the beautiful sides of you. Remember, no matter what happens - if you're straight, bi, curious, fluid, gay, etc. - you are valid. Enjoy your journey!

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